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Our upcoming shows

11/18/23 Webfoot Garage @ Silvermoon (Bend, OR)

03/01/24 Silvermoon (Bend, OR)

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Seed Ling is dark and dreamy indie rock band with enchanting and haunting vocals that are driven by powerful tom heavy drumming.

The sweet and sad guitar tone of Rachel Shahvar mix perfectly with her dreamy yet explosive voice, while the deep driving bass lines of Charan Mellor push the music forward with grounding and unique colors, sprinkled with hypnotizing delay. The steady and sometimes delicate drumming of Lindsey Elias often leads into a thunderous and captivating experience, while her sweet and precious vocal harmonies are beautifully complemented by Rachel’s vocal power. Catchy hooks, deeply rooted grooves and a beautiful sadness make up this dreamy rock band.

Past Shows


10/21/2023 Open Space Studios (Bend, OR)

09/29/2023 Volcanic (Bend, OR)

09/16/2023 Bend Roots Revival (Bend, OR)

06/23/2023 Invisible Thread Events House Concert (Bend, OR)

05/13/2023 Pole Pedal Paddle (Bend, OR)

11/12/2022 Church of Neil(Bend, OR)

11/03/2022 High Desert Music Hall (Redmond, OR)

10/28/2022 Silvermoon Brewing (Bend, OR)

10/14/2022 Walt Reily's (Bend, OR)

10/09/2022 High Desert Music Hall (Redmond, OR)

09/23/2022 Bend Roots Festival (Avid main stage 5:45-6:30)

08/21/2022 Obie Oasis Ampitheater (Bend, OR)

08/13/2022 Redmond Arts Festival (High Desert Music Hall)

07/28/2022 Northside Bar & Grill (Bend, OR)

07/08/2022 Silvermoon Brewing (Bend, OR)

06/11/2022 Bend Cider Company (Tumalo, OR)

06/03/2022 Bunk & Brew (Bend, OR)

04/28/2022 Northside Bar & Grill (Bend, OR)

04/17/2022 Silvermoon Brewing UKRAINE RELIEF CONCERT (Bend, OR)

04/02/2022 High Desert Music Hall (Redmond, OR)

02/24/2022 Northside Bar & Grill (Bend, OR)

01/08/2022 Silvermoon Brewing (Bend, OR)

12/31/2021 Bunk & Brew (Bend, OR)

10/30/2021 Bend Roots Revival @ Brown Owl (Bend, OR)

10/23/2021 Northside Bar & Grill (Bend, OR)

10/16/2021 Bunk & Brew (Bend, OR)

04/09/2018 The Northside (Bend, OR)

04/05/2018 40 Taps (Pendleton, OR)

03/26/2018 The Northside (Bend, OR)

01/19/2018 Spoken Moto (Bend, OR)

12/16/2017 M & J Tavern (Bend, OR)

11/29/2017 Old Nick's (Eugene, OR)

11/08/2017 Central Saloon (Seattle, WA)

11/01/2017 The Volcanic (Bend, OR)

10/15/2017 Ash Street (Portland, OR)

10/04/2017 The Capitol (Bend, OR)

09/17/2017 123 Ramen (Bend, OR)

09/05/2017 Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco, CA)

09/02/2017 M & J Tavern (Bend, OR)

08/25/2017 Neck of the Woods (San Francisco, CA)

08/21/2017 The Northside (Bend, OR)

07/25/2017 M & J Tavern (Bend, OR)

07/22/2017 Central Saloon (Seattle, WA)

07/19/2017 Ash Street (Portland, OR)

07/16/2017 The Volcanic (Bend, OR)

06/20/2017 Tim's Tavern (Seattle, WA)

05/30/2017 M & J Tavern (Bend, OR)

05/19/2017 Bridge 99 (Bend, OR)

03/11/2017 Bridge 99 (Bend, OR)

03/09/2017 White Eagle (Portland, OR)

12/13/2016 M & J Tavern (Bend, OR)

11/26/2016 The Heavy Anchor (St Louis, MO)

11/25/2016 Mad Donna's (Nashville, TN)

11/23/2016 Elbo Room (Chicago, IL)

11/20/2016 The Willow (New Orleans, LA)

11/18/2016 The Rock House (El Paso, TX)

11/16/2016 Fresh Art Gallery (Santa Fe, NM)

11/14/2016 Red Brick Bar (Norman, OK)

11/13/2016 Avogadro's (Fort Collins, CO)

11/10/2016 Lion's Lair (Denver, CO)

11/08/2016 Silverlake Lounge (Los Angeles, CA)

11/04/2016 Oberon's (Ashland, OR)

10/09/2016 Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco, CA)

07/22/2016 Neck of the Woods (San Francisco, CA)

06/25/2016 The Hotel Utah (San Francisco, CA)

02/12/2016 The Stork Club (Oakland, CA)

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